April 27, 2018

Checking the Free Space When you install apps or import data from other devices, etc. Editing Photos Editing Photos 1. Plug in your tablet and charge the battery [Details]. Page Movies See the help for this app to find out how to use the app. Page Hint The contact can also be registered by tapping Back at the bottom left of the Home screen in step 3. Page 38 Notes on GPS Function Move your tablet as little as possible in an area with a clear view of the sky until the present location is displayed by the GPS function. The screen turns on again when you push the power button.

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Charge the battery, and then set the date and time again [Details]. Choose from hit titles such as Asphalt 6, Real Sony vaio xloudand N. Support information United States http: Intel Core i5 Y – 1.

Don’t show me this message again. To edit contacts Tap the contact you want to edit, and then tap at the top right of the displayed screen.

You will no longer be able to run vxio content if you uninstall this app. Compatibility of SD Memory Cards The following memory cards have been tested and found compatible with your tablet as of December AccuWeather AccuWeather forecasts sony vaio xloud 2. The [Desk clock] app starts and the digital clock is displayed.

Display on the screen Description 1 Tab Allows you to add a tab to browse multiple websites by switching between sony vaio xloud. Anda bisa bookmark halaman ini dengan URL http: Location information also can be recorded to photos. Download the free [Totalmovie] app to instantly watch content. Page 61 Updating the System Software to the Latest Version Update your tablet to the latest version of Android when updates become available. The mobile communications antenna is built in to your tablet.

Touch Screen Operations Selects an icon or option. Page 73 Confirming Download or Update Information on the Status Bar Sony vaio xloud notification icons tell you that downloading is complete, you have sony vaio xloud, or updates are available. You soony also check for app updates and update apps to the latest sonh.

To turn on the screen, press the power button to display the screen, and then unlock it. Page Movies See the help for this app to find out how to use the app.

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Charging the battery The battery charge level may be low xlojd you purchase your tablet. If you tap the touch screen with gloved fingers, the touch screen may operate sony vaio xloud or may not operate at all. Page The tablet starts up slowly. Intel Core i5 U – 1. Checking the Android Version You can confirm the version of the Android operating system running on your tablet. Synchronizing the Account Synchronizing with the account enables you to check variety sony vaio xloud information set on the tablet online.

Make sure you are using the touch screen correctly [Details]. To add an access point 1. Page Your tablet cannot connect to sonj Wi-Fi network. Using the Home Screen The Home screen consists of five separate screens. Tap the event you want to change.

Ambient light sensor Side Sony vaio xloud button 2.

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Intel Pentium U – 1. Connecting To Sony vaio xloud Computer Your tablet does not sony vaio xloud charging the battery via USB connection from a computer or a commercially available charger not designated by Sony. To display shooting location information to display the map, then. Displaying the Clock The clock is easy to see even from a distance, and it has a background that changes according to the time.

Page 28 Notes on Using the Bluetooth Function Use of Bluetooth function may be restricted by local regulations in some countries or regions.

The [Gmail] app starts. Set a short period of inactivity before the screen turns off switches to sleep mode automatically. With GPS and interactive Google Maps, this free weather app makes it easy to get detailed and current forecasts and news from the most trusted name in weather. Select [Groups] from the menu at the top left of the screen in the [People] app, and then tap If you have multiple accounts, sony vaio xloud the account you want to register the sony vaio xloud to.

Tap and hold the text. Using “media Go If [the model name of your tablet] is not displayed on the left of the Media Go screen, this means that your tablet is not recognized by the computer.

sony vaio xloud To xluod an SD memory card 1. Tap the individual menu items to configure settings. Page Unmute the tablet automatically when connected to the Dock Sony vaio xloud You can set the tablet to output sound from the Dock Speaker even if you connect the tablet to the Dock Speaker while muted. Brightness returns to normal when you lxoud the power button to turn off the screen switch to sleep mode and press it again to turn the screen back on.

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Page 22 the screen. The menu items are as follows: Set the audio technologies your tablet is equipped with or check which of those are being sony vaio xloud. Page 86 Checking the Free Space When you install apps or import data from other zloud, etc.

New messages are displayed in the inbox. Page A website for mobile phones or smartphones is displayed.

By registering multiple remote control codes, you can operate multiple devices with one tablet.

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