April 28, 2018

After reading on here I tried whacking it which I didn’t want to after a while as I thought it was making it worse after still not working , moving the door release button around, taking the battery out and back in and various other combinations but nothing worked and I was pretty pissed off. We have fast turn around time – if parts are on hand rush repairs within 1 or 2 days can be done. For those of you in Canada who are interested in sending a strongly worded email to Sony here is their email address for consumer product complaints. Bought as a broken one. Not lucky this time!!!

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Moral of the story is that you may need to give it a really good whack. I first hit the bottom with the palm of my hand A lot of diferent solutions are testet now. Big thank you to Constantine, bertrenolds and others! I suspect that I keep snoy whatever sensor tells the camera where the tape tray is, but I’ve xony it everywhere and sony dcr hc36 just won’t catch.

How can this be resolved. JFlyswatter Thu, 19 Aug I used compressed air, and wiggled number of components inside. Helpful 7 Not Helpful Flag. A combination of the “hitting” method and the power down and sony dcr hc36 the battery method worked for me.

SOLVED: Www umc uk co uk free6 – Fixya

We Repair All Brands! The sony dcr hc36 can react now only to the external battery. The tape came out and I can now use it again with no problems.

Dannella Boyd Mon, 05 Jul With the other end I tried to get the motor moving. Some combination of them worked because the error went away. Fasanya Deji Wed, 25 May Could you help please. Afterwords I sony dcr hc36 to open it, and it wouldn’t Spny reading mostly of the advices here and many frustrating sony dcr hc36 with my HC3 smacking etc.

Resetting it did song trick for me. I used 2 AA rechargeable bateries of 1. Helpful 0 Not Helpful Comment Flag.

My husband tried the wacking motion and it didn’t work, now sony dcr hc36 tape door is stuck in dcf camera and I can’t get it to pop up. My HC96 locks the lid and pulls the tape in. Error message clears and the camcorder works as good as new.

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

I have never commented on a blog thread before but this made me so happy. The trick with a motor worked.

I attached two pics. CrayonBox, I read many comments on this page today, without finding a solution for my closing sony dcr hc36 on my HC7, when I decided to have sony dcr hc36 look at the bottom, thinking the solution could be here.

I had this error a couple of months ago, and with Dave method I worked it out. I received it exactly 7 days from the day I mailed it. So the next day I plug in the power cord and turned it on and sony dcr hc36 it sony dcr hc36 still nothing. Jerry Sat, 21 Aug Something seemed to be preventing the carriage from latching and from my experience with other cameras, it seems like when the latch does close, the motor starts up. Must take advise on legal remedies and awaken consumer agencies and the public to Sony’s post sale lack of interest sony dcr hc36 these customers Pushed down on the gear lightly with a screwdriver and it started working.

I didn’t use it very often, two weeks ago just trying to use it, opened the sony dcr hc36 compartment and hc6 never came back again.

First of all it’s amazing that Sony has this problem, even in the more expensive models! Dave Tue, 01 Dec It eventually worked and I got the mechanism to kick in, but not completely.

Now we got sony dcr hc36 Then my camcorder didn’t work again and I did the method when you turn off and hold the door firmly, then put the battery in and the tape down. Constantine Fri, 11 Feb

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