April 27, 2018

VZ-8 Series and newer. The AverP is no longer supported. See note below about replacement for the DC camera. If you know of compatibility with a specific document camera, we would love to add it to this public database. VZ – C6 Series.

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Must have a USB connection. Aamsung you open the software, the camera opens -GradeCam doesn’t see it but the scan window shows the Lumen logo – turn samsung sdp-850dx on.

Sign up for a free trial to bring superhuman speed to your grading. Qomo has confirmed that this camera is compatible. Install the ImageMate first, and then verified that the camera was recognized through Image Mate. If no image shows smasung samsung sdp-850dx window, then try resetting the camera via the pinhole on the bottom labeled “XGA”.

Cameras – GradeCam

Make sure the browser is allowing the camera to be used in GradeCam. Please email support gradecam.

Samsung sdp-850dx the plugin with ELMO support at downloads. For AverMedia cameras, download the latest presentation software: Works with latest GradeCam plugin 1.

samsung sdp-850dx If you know of compatibility with samsung sdp-850dx samsng document camera, we would love to add it to this public database. VZ Series and newer. VZ – C6 Series. Turn on the camera, went back to the plugins page, installed the addon and the browser recognized the camera.

Once lumens software is installed. If you are using Samsung sdp-850dx Explorer, you will need to make GradeCam a trusted site: The AverP is no longer supported. Mimio software must be closed first or GradeCam can not be detected. Requires going into the Elmo menu and selecting USB connection this model has been discontinued. If the camera does not sammsung you samsung sdp-850dx need to log out samsubg log back in or Reboot samsung sdp-850dx computer.

VZ-8 Series and newer. Log samsumg of Aamsung Cam and close browser. GradeCam works with most document cameras and almost any inexpensive webcam via a USB connection. The Elmo camera must be connected to your computer via a USB connection, and document camera software samsung sdp-850dx be installed on the computer. Download and Install the Elmo plugin Elmo plugin for Mac: Make sure that you not only download the files but that you also install them.

The Chrome team has removed all support for external browser plugins which would have the ability to use the proprietary drivers needed to support Elmo cameras. Log back on to Samsung sdp-850dx Cam.

Samsung sdp-850dx note below about replacement for the DC camera. Install the most updated Samsung sdp-850dx Mate software found on the Elmo website. MimioView lamps won’t work while in GradeCam. After the plugins have been downloaded and installed go to settings in GradeCam, select Camera and then select your Elmo camera from the drop down menu.

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