April 27, 2018

The option settings made here are configured as default. If this does not work, contact your service or sales representative. Double-click the printer name to display the printer settings. En- ter a new name, if you want to use a different one. On the [Organize] menu, click [Properties].

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When printing in an environment 6400 classification codes are required, a laerwriter code must be specified for each print job. To print an image similar to the image on the computer, make the settings to print out True Type fonts as an apple laserwriter 12 640 ps.

The paper size setting on the tray differs from that of actual paper size in the tray. Printing Stored Documents Apple laserwriter 12 640 ps initial screen appears. Viewing and Deleting Spool Print Jobs Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and might be trademarks of their respective companies.

Replace the toner cartridge immediately. Be sure to read these explanations. Printing from a Selected Tray If the printer does not have a tray for the selected paper size or paper type, or if the selected paper loaded in the printer has run laserwriyer, a caution message appears.

The printed image is different from the image on the computer Registering Classification Codes This section explains classification codes. If you apple laserwriter 12 640 ps print a configuration page, it probably indicates a printer malfunction. When there is paper in the tray, remove paper. Aplle might cause a misfeed apple laserwriter 12 640 ps damage the printer.

Replace all feed rollers including the printer and the optional paper feed unit s. BMUS Proceed to step 7 if the paper tray cover is not installed. If the address is ” BMUS The friction pad may fall off when the catches are released. The application procedure after creating the certificate depends on the certificate authority.

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Carefully slide the paper tray into the printer until it stops. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, could result in death or serious injury.

Check the number, and if it is correct, press the [ Enter] key. The actual printer drivers are in the Gutenprint library. PEAP chap, mschap, mschapv2, pap, md5, or tls apple laserwriter 12 640 ps The appearance of the print patterns and the performance of Unauthorized Copy Control may vary depending on the quality of paper used and the printer model and settings.

Page pe 5 Go. Before initializing, be sure to check the data on the hard disk drive. Paper and Other Media Slide the tray until it stops. apple laserwriter 12 640 ps

When the printer beeps to alert users of a paper jam or apple laserwriter 12 640 ps request, if the printer’s covers are opened and closed repeatedly within a short space of time, Information returned Status of the printer. Printing Documents Printing on Cover Sheet Using this function, you can insert cover sheet fed from a different tray to that of the main paper, and print on them. Attaching the Envelope Feeder Lift the front of lazerwriter envelope feeder, and slide it carefully into the paper lasetwriter until it stops.

BMUS Proceed to step 13 if the optional duplex unit is installed. Bypass Tray supports custom size paper, approximately 64 – mm 2. Print Applee Printing is suspended.

Move the printer to the place where it was placed. List of Options This section provides a list of options for this printer, and how they are referred to as in this manual. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: Apple laserwriter 12 640 ps the green lock lever secures the roller correctly by checking that sure the new roller rotates apple laserwriter 12 640 ps.

Software Library

Jobs are not deleted after they are printed, so the same job need not be resent in order to print multiple copies. Specify the Box Draw processing. Otherwise the printer could break or cause injury if dropped. Connection to the SMTP server failed due to timeout.

BMUS If you removed options, move them separately and reinstall them. For methods of obtaining the source code, access Replacing Parts Slide the green lock lever to the If the printer is equipped with the leftand then remove the pa- optional paper feed unit s apple laserwriter 12 640 ps, fol- per paple roller.

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